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Le Fonti Awards Winner 2019

Awarding of ImprendiRoma as a company of the year in the "Building Restructuring" category and followed by an interview with the owner, engineer Guerino Cilli, to talk about the innovative approach Imprendiroma has brought to the construction sector.

LeFonti winner


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Recognizing the demand for new paradigms in the evolution of urban contexts, Imprendiroma is seizing the opportunity represented by the Superbonus 110% based on a solid and complete internal structure, gained thanks to its experience in the field.


From the thermal coat to the new facade, from the replacement of the fixtures to the charging columns for electric cars: among the "driving" works, in this way the works take advantage of the 110% super bonus for the renovation of the old buildings.

Leader of Growth 2019 – 2020 – for the second consecutive year, Imprendiroma is Leader of Growth at national level. To be eligible, companies had to meet different criteria: predominantly organic growth starting from a turnover of at least 100,000 euros in 2015 and 1.5 million in 2018 and being an independent reality as well as meeting the requisites of integrity and moral reliability.

Building renovation company of the year – Le Fonti Awards reward excellence in terms of innovation and leadership, selecting professionals who have been able to ride the wave of change. Top lawyers, CEOs, General Managers and Entrepreneurs have been able to renew themselves while maintaining the values that have made them number one in their sector.

FT 1000 Europe’s Fastest Growing Companies – Imprendiroma, unique in its kinds, was born and operates to ensure the best quality and environmental standards in the maintenance and restoration of large buildings.

The fastest PMIs in Italy - Imprendiroma is among the bests in Europe for growth and innovation, an engine of inspiration for those who want to embark on entrepreneurial activity.

Le Fonti Award – CEO, ready to address current issues related to innovation, technology, leadership, and regulatory evolution.

Giulia Bulzomi's degree thesis “The person within the organization: between control and motivation”mentions Imprendiroma as a case study of a "human" enterprise.


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