ENEL X General Contractor

Imprendiroma plays the role of General Contractor for complex projects, dealing with all planning and coordination phases of the professional figures required by the different types of intervention.

general contractor enel X

Imprendiroma, as General Contractor, offers its customers circular design and construction solutions based on cutting-edge technologies to achieve the highest possible level of sustainability.

We take care of the management of the entire process: starting from the design to the operational and economic planning, up to the realization and support of the administrative procedures, favouring the optimization of times and costs of all the construction steps, always guaranteeing the highest quality of the final building product.

In this case, relying on a General Contractor, as a design interlocutor, it is essential for planning seismic improvement and energy efficiency interventions in a good way to take advantage of tax incentives for sustainability, the installation of photovoltaic panels and columns for recharging electric vehicles.

IMPRENDIROMA general contractor
IMPRENDIROMA general contractor

Imprendiroma and Enel X

Imprendiroma is one of the reference companies in apartment building maintenance, and, as a Technological Partner of Enel X, it can offer the best range of materials on the market. Our vision has always been based on product innovation and the reduction of the environmental impact of construction.

We are proud to collaborate with Enel X and to offer our customers tailor-made solutions that allow not only to reduce consumption in everyday life with the consequent reduction in bill costs but also to increase the value of the property thanks to the improvement of the class energy.

In case of Superbonus 110%, we work as General Contractor following various steps: from the design to the implementation of energy efficiency and seismic improvement works, benefiting from the concessions provided with the discount on the invoice. If you want more information on how to take advantage of the 110% Superbonus for apartment building, do not hesitate to contact us.

“Today we can proudly say that we are among the leading General Contractors nationwide, able to operate at 360 degrees in all project phases, taking advantage of our resources and the multidisciplinary skills of our team to coordinate all the workers involved in interventions".