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With around 74 million properties, Italy represents the richest building heritage in Europe. Retraining is our job.

Ristrutturazioni Imprendiroma

We put passion into our work because we believe in urban regeneration potential and environmental sustainability as fundamental principles that we place in every project.

One of our goals is to improve existing architectural organisms to lead them towards new quality standards. We believe that the construction sector can play a key role in the ecological transition of our cities. In Italy, the residential sector produces 64% of fine particles, while the heating of residential, commercial, and public buildings is responsible for 18% of CO2 emissions (Ispra data).

IMPRENDIROMA ristrutturazioni tall
rigenerazione urbana

Renovation is a building retrofitting opportunity that significantly reduces the environmental impact of the residential sector and allows clients to get closer and closer to the circular flow economy. Imprendiroma specializes in the renovation of residential properties, and, nowadays, more than 20,000 customers have chosen our team for the passion, the relationship of trust we establish with them and because we can guarantee a constant participation on every project.

Our team is available to support our customers at every stage, from the idea to post-opera management.

credito condominio

Tax deductions, transfer of credit and concessions

Imprendiroma undertakes to carry out energy and seismic efficiency measures with the use of tax incentives to support the ecological transition in the residential sector. The owners, tenants, including private individuals, members of cooperatives or entrepreneurs can take advantage of the concessions.

Imprendiroma is also available to carry out energy redevelopment interventions in apartment buildings, also through the discount on the invoice or the tax credit transfer deriving from the implementation of the intervention, as required by current tax legislation.

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